May we meet at the crossroads of body, mind and spirit. Together we will enter the magic and learn to fly.

Nov 19, 2012


I see a small caterpillar traveling around the base of an enormous cedar tree.  Beyond the tree there is a stream that winds it's way through the valley floor.  A thick fog lifts off the stream in the coolness of the early morning and envelopes the surrounding area.  The stream continues on to fall over the edge of a cliff.  From there it tumbles down the side of a mountain, sending up spray and creating a rainbow.  It then joins the crash and surge of the ocean far below, which stretches around the world connecting all the continents.  Evaporation forms into clouds that swirl around this globe teeming with life, hurtling through space encircling the sun.  One star among countless others in an ever growing, expanding universe.  If only we could get beyond the tree that stands in our way.

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