May we meet at the crossroads of body, mind and spirit. Together we will enter the magic and learn to fly.

Jan 9, 2013

The Journey

I follow a path marked out on the ground with small rocks and pebbles.  The path spirals inward, moving clockwise around a circle until it finds itself whereupon it doubles back, progressively getting closer to the center.  I could easily step over the parameters of the path and reach the center within moments, but I can clearly see that there is nothing there.  The journey inward is the destination and it can only be reached by following the path.  Life often seems to be going back and forth in the wrong direction, only after looking back can I see the growth and progression towards an unforeseen destination.  Upon reaching the center I find tokens and markers left by other travelers, I have nothing to leave for I realize my journey was only superficially physical, but what I leave with is priceless.

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