May we meet at the crossroads of body, mind and spirit. Together we will enter the magic and learn to fly.

Feb 26, 2013

The Way of Talib: Crossing Thresholds

A canoe carrying a young man and a falcon emerges from the edge of a forest into open fields.  As sunlight washes over them the boy lifts his head to see what lies before him.  His shoulders are slumped forward and the falcon's wing is wrapped to it's body.  The boy's cloths are ripped and dirty, his face is thin and drawn.  The boy barely guides the canoe down the center of the river, allowing the current to carry him forward.  Perched on the prow of the boat, the falcon intently scans the river and fields ahead.

The river meanders slowly between open country port side and walled in fields off the starboard side.  There are three sections of fields, the second one containing a large flock of sheep.  In the third field there is a man repairing a large section of collapsed free standing rock wall, he looks up and watches as the canoe passes by.  The fields enclosed by rock walls open up to a cluster of stone buildings with thatched roofs.  As the canoe approaches the first and largest building, the boy steers it up to the rivers edge, hops out and pulls the canoe up onto the river bank.

The man repairing the wall picks up a walking stick and moves briskly towards the boy.  The boy picks up the falcon onto his arm and holds firmly to the jess.  "Hey," the man calls out "hold up a minute."  At the sound of the voice the boy turns to confront the man quickly approaching him.  The man brushes off dust and dirt from his dun colored overcoat wrapped tightly around his waist and wide shoulders.  A shock of white hair can be seen under the man's hood framing bright blue eyes and a strong jaw line.  In moments the man is standing directly in front of the boy.  With a slight bow of his head the man speaks "Good health to you Peregryn, you may call me Kai."

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